Chris Hyepock

Chris Hyepock, a dedicated and energetic leader, is running for democratic candidate for 2014 Governor of Nevada because he wants to create a better future for the people of Nevada. He is an experienced business owner, an effective manager, and a driven game-changer who is committed to building a stronger Nevada and making a difference in people’s lives. He is passionate about being part of the solution, understands what people need, and will serve Nevadans to achieve it.

Chris Hyepock is a working-class individual who truly understands the challenges faced by fellow Nevadans, and will create a better future for us. He is the best candidate for governor because he works toward action, not debating, provides strong leadership in tough times, does what is right, listens when necessary and acts when needed, and will work with all parties to make sure the people of Nevada get the best out of the government. He is able to relate to the middle class and will work tirelessly to build and ensure everyone has a chance to reach their individual goals. He believes we all need to work together to fix the problems that Nevada faces. He wants to take the stress from the people of Nevada and put it on the government’s shoulders; the elected officials created the situation Nevada is in, and it is time for them take responsibility to fix it.

Chris Hyepock’s common sense approach to government includes a multifaceted plan to take Nevada in a new direction to create stronger communities and put Nevada families first. He will focus on building a fiscally responsible government, improving the education system, improving the unemployment and underemployment rate, and promoting business growth to bring moral leadership back to Nevada.

Chris Hyepock

In 1978, Chris Hyepock was born in McKinney, Texas, and was raised north of McKinney in Sherman, Texas. He grew up in a home with loving, hard-working parents who were great role models. Their actions and beliefs influenced the strong values he holds today. They taught him about hard work, sacrifices, love, and how to treat others.

Donna Hyepock, Chris’ mother, resides in Texas with his father Dwayne Hyepock. She had Chris and his brother at a young age and worked hard to provide everything they needed. She worked for Grayson County of Texas for years in the Women, Infants and Children Department assisting low income families. She always wanted more out of life, and went back to school to earn her accounting degree. She now works at the courthouse and is the county buyer. She was also the spiritual leader of the family and made sure the family was ready for church every Sunday.

Dwayne Hyepock adopted Chris and his brother when he married Chris’s mother, and treated them like they were his own. Chris was two and his brother was four years old. His hardworking father was employed by Libby Owens Ford to manufacture auto glass. The physically-demanding job included long, hot shifts on concrete floors. When the plant reduced the workforce after 30 years, he was forced to find a new career and now works for the county as an engineer and is looking forward to retirement.

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